VIEW Journal Call for Papers: TV Formats and Format Research

Author: Erwin Verbruggen


UPDATE: Deadline extended to 14 September 2015.

VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture, the first peer-reviewed multi-media e-journal in the field of television studies, devotes its 9th issue (Spring 2016) to TV Formats and Format Research: Theory, methodology, history and new developments. This special issue of VIEW seeks to build on existing format scholarship and deepen our understanding of the history and continuing growth of the TV format business from a European perspective.

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Europeana Space: Interactive TV-pilot makes quick prototyping possible

Author: Kelly Mostert
Europeana Space

Within the Europeana Space project, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision leads the EuropeanaTV pilot, which experiments with the re-use of video content in an interactive TV setting. The pilot has been active for over 1 year, and Kelly Mostert reports on the results and lessons learned so far.

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Motorsport and Vintage Cars in Europe

Author: Yashar Dehaghani, Sian Barber, Laura Osswald
Veteran cars in Prague

With the Formula 1 season of 2015 in full swing we are celebrating motor racing, speed and vintage cars from across Europe.

People have always strived to go faster. We modify everyday cars, build purebred racing machines, and perfect the pinnacle of automobiles: the Formula 1 car. But let’s not forget that your car is also a statement. Whether you prefer vintage cool or serviceable chic, maybe you favour a BMW, Citreon or Skoda? They’re all here for you to admire.


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EUscreenXL on the Future of Archives at NECS 2015

Author: Eleonora Maria Mazzoli

The 2015 NECS Conference took place this year in Łódź, Poland on 18th-20th June. Every year NECS, the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies gathers a significant number of scholars, researchers, media professionals and archivists from all over the world. The theme of the conference was “Archive of/for the Future” and certainly, it could not be more appropriate and relevant for EUscreenXL. Thus, a team of EUscreenXL representatives participated to the event presenting an entire panel session on “Perspectives on the Contextualization of Audiovisual Online Archives: Access and Publication Formats.” The ‘dream team Łódź’ was represented by Mariana Salgado from Aalto University, Berber Hagedoorn and Eleonora Maria Mazzoli from Utrecht University, and Dana Mustata from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
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Film Festivals of Europe

Author: Yashar Dehaghani, Sian Barber, Laura Osswald

Cannes Festival, 1972. Photo source: British Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.

One week ago Cannes concluded what was an exciting and fun film festival. Congratulations to all the winners!

The festival inspired us to create a collection of videos about the many film festivals of Europe. Here you’ll find historical moments at Cannes and videos that showcase the range of film and cinema events across Europe. Journey back into the first era of these glamorous celebrations starting with the World Film Festival in Denmark in 1951, to the Cinema week in Venice in 1966, through to the Warsaw Film Festival in 2013. And don’t miss the 4 wonderful short films nominated for the Gaudí Award in 2010!

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